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Since Front Squats are in our Summer Kick-off Cycle 32 - here's a little education 101 on them...

Do you know the origins of the front squat? No? Neither, do we. Lol. There seems to be somewhat of a mystery on who we can key as the originator of the front squat but we can tell you this the exercise started increasing in popularity within the bodybuilder and weightlifting community in the 1940's and 1950's.

Often taking a back seat to the back squat (pun intended), the front squat has numerous benefits.

1. Helps you gain strength in your quads, glutes and hamstrings. Why is that important aside from what it does aesthetically to these major muscles? Strength in these areas helps with SPEED and POWER!

2. It lightens the load on your back and knees. While it works the same muscles that a back squat targets, front squat are easier on your back and knees. Studies suggest that front squats may be better than back squats for people with knee problems such as meniscus tears and long term joint health while still being effective in overall muscle recruitment.

3. It helps enforce the beloved back squat. Back squats with bad technique are often associated with back pain. And while it's easy to cheat with a back squat by using bad technique, you can't do that with a front squat. "Lifters leaning forward on a front squat lose the weight – it is impossible to lean forward excessively while front squatting. This, in turn, promotes proper back squat technique by teaching you to keep your torso more erect. If you can front squat, you can back squat. The inverse is not true."

Want to know more about the front squat?? Stop on by and talk to our coaches!

References: Muscle and Fitness - 4 Reasons to Front Squat

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