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Why You Need to Stretch Today, Tomorrow and Everyday...

Here's the problem: We sit at our desks for hours on end working and staring at the screen. We lay down for hours to binge-watch the latest hit series. We crash on our couch for hours to flip through tiktok videos. The result? Our hamstrings tighten resulting in impaired walking. Our calve muscles tighten leading to tendonitis. The pressure placed on our back muscles and spinal discs causes chronic back pain. Neck pain, shoulder pain. arm pain, joint stiffness...and a host of other postural and health related problems occur. The Solution? We increase our range of motion through exercise, flexibility and lifestyle habits. Today, we're going to look at the importance of stretching for flexibility and health. Stretching promotes flexibility, strength and health in our muscles. It increases range of motion in our joints and prevents our muscles from becoming tight and shortening. Without stretching, muscles become weak and inflexible so and when the body needs to recruit muscles for exercise it’s unable to efficiently do so which leads to joint pain, muscle damage and strains.

Here are 3 types of stretching:

Picking up groceries, picking up your child, getting out of bed, standing up, sitting down - all of the most simple activities can become strenuous and painful without flexibility. Practicing a daily safe stretching program helps you perform your exercises and day-to-day activities better and more efficiently.

So, start stretching today! If you need help, you know where to find us. :)

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