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I know. I know.

You read the subjectline and are thinking, “What is he talking about? Our whole lives we’ve been told that consistency/time = results!”

Before you write me off, understand that the consistency of doing is different from the consistency of WHAT you are doing!

In order for us to avoid plateaus, we have to provide our body different stimuli for adaptation.

This is how effective training works.

This is how effective 'dieting' works.

This is the key to avoiding burnouts.

When looking for sustainable and enjoyable results/process with your health and fitness, it’s important to be changing up what and how we are doing everything. This keeps your body guessing, growing, adapting, learning, etc.

At Functional Lifestyles, we’re big advocates of cyclical living.

What does this mean?

It means that how we train in summer differs from how we train in winter.

The way we eat in the winter differs from how we eat in the summer.

These cycles enable us to keep our bodies in a constant state of adaptation while still allotting enough time to these cycles to reap the benefits.

Our training follows the Rule of 45.

- Spend 45 mins training a day.

- Spend 45 days on a program.

If you’re training hours every day on the same program for months on end, I can guarantee that you’re meeting plateaus and overtraining.

The goal is to work smarter.

The goal is to work efficiently.

Most importantly, the goal is to enjoy the process.

Doing more for longer is not the best way to accomplish that.

We want to train as hard as we can while training smarter.

As soon as your body starts to peak and turn the curve into a plateau, that's when we switch up the stimulus.

Remember that a plateau lends itself to a variety of issues including results halting, body pain, lack of enjoyment, motivation etc.

Later this week, I’ll break down what metabolic flexibility is and how to apply it to your lifestyle for maximum results.

-Functional Lifestyles

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