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Which Plane Do You Function In?

As humans, we are three-dimensional beings.

You already knew that.

But which plane do you operate from?

For physical movent, your body can move in 3 different planes.

The 3 Planes of Motion are…

The Sagittal Plane

The sagittal plane consists of forward, backward, up and down movements. It's the plane that we primarily move in. If you drew an imaginary line down the center of your body from the top of your heard to the bottom of your feet you would have the sagittal plane.

The Frontal Plane

In this plane, we find most of our physical injuries. It consists of side to side movements. The imaginary line in the frontal plane divides your body laterally into ventral (belly) and dorsal (back) sections.

The Transverse Plane

This plane divides your body into anterior and posterior parts. It is perpendicular to the sagittal and frontal planes. The most powerful movements of the human body stem from this plane because it’s in this plane our body creates tork (we’ll get into that in another email)

So, which plane do you operate in?

Physically, we operate in ALL OF THEM.

We’re three-dimensional, remember?

But being 3-dimensional requires one more plane - and it's the most important.

It’s the plane that you mentally operate from.

Your mindset.

Do you operate in the plane of resistance or growth?

Do you operate in the plane of your comfort zone or character-building challenges?

Do you operate from a plane of belief that you are worth it?

Just as it is critical to understand how our bodies function in each plane of motion to increase physical strength and performance; it is equally, if not more critical to understand and define the plane we operate from to increase our overall strength and performance.

How many extremely fit people do you know suffer from low self-esteem?

How many 3-figure making professionals have you seen who've sacrificed their health and relationships?

Health and fitness isn't about physicality or numbers.

It's about how you approach and view life.

It's about the choices you make to lead your life.

It's about the pursuit of balance.

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