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“When should you be eating?”

As discussed in our previous email, when it comes to weight loss we need to manage our insulin as best as possible. Eating meals with no in-between snacking is a really good way to start and obviously, managing WHAT foods you are putting into your body (a future email) is also key.

Today, we continue our discussion with when you should be eating by discussing the advantages of intermittent and periodic periods of fasting.

During fasting (periods of not eating) insulin drops and glucagon rises. Remember, insulin is a hormone that regulates the amount of glucose in the blood and glucagon is a hormone which promotes the breakdown of glycogen to glucose in the liver.

When insulin is high (frequently eating and/or High Carb Diet)

-Inhibits fat usage (lipolysis) -Increases fat storage -Inhibits liver glycogen use -Increases liver glycogen storage -Inhibits ketogenesis -Inhibits Autophagy

When Glucagon is high (Fasting and/or Carb restriction)

-Activates fat us (lipolysis) -Inhibits fat storage -Activates Liver glycogen use -Inhibits liver glycogen storage -Activates ketogenesis -Activates autophagy

These hormones work against each other to activate and inhibit metabolic processes, the balance of these 2 hormones dictates which process actually occurs.

With a goal of weight loss and overall health optimization, going through cycles of eating and fasting can be a game changer for our health. I believe there’s enough research-based evidence to back that intermittent fasting can be done daily and/or periodic monthly 24-48 hour fasts. (Obviously, if you have pre-existing health conditions check with your doctor first)

Giant companies spend millions of dollars every year trying to market their weight-loss food products to us. But I am confident enough to say that most of what we have been told is bulls@!t. It’s simple:

  1. Control your carbohydrates

  2. Prioritize your protein

  3. Fill with healthy fats

  4. Watch the clock

Happy Eating, Funlifers!

-Functional Lifestyles

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