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What Fills your Plate?

What fills your plate? I'm not just talking about nutrition. I'm genuinely asking you, "what fills your plate?" . Did I lose you? OK, here’s a little context… If you’re just now getting acquainted with Functional Lifestyles, you need to know that we believe health and fitness can't be accomplished by just focusing on nutrition and exercise. Yes, it's a big part of it but it's much less one-dimensional. Health and fitness is multi-dimensional - specifically 6 dimensions! (See below)

So, I'll ask you again. What fills your plate?

Use this question as a metaphor to each of the 6 dimensions.

What fills your plate mentally, emotionally, physically etc. etc....

It's no secret that anxiety and depression are on the rise.

Sometimes its a chemical issue and often times its a lifestyle issue.

And yet, fill our plate with distractions.

We fill it with excess sugar.

We fill it with mindless social media.

We fill it with toxic and regressive people.

One of the biggest factors in dissatisfaction and anxiety is that we lead our lives without intention and thought.

Filling our plate with distractions leads to a host of issues.

We eat. We don't nourish.

We share space with those who don't contribute to our enrichment and progress.

Yes, we fill our plates - but we're unfulfilled.

At FunctionalLifestyles, we are a semi-private training facility with a complete health and fitness program. We want you to feel healthy and fit in all aspects of your life.

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