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We're on Day 2 of Cycle 36! Tuesday's Workout 💪


3 Rounds:

- Stationary Plyo Jumps (15)

- Hollow Body Rolls (2 each way)

(Keep your body tight and keep your limbs from the touching the ground)

Relative Strength/Stability

Half-Kneeling Cable Single Arm Lat Pulldown w Crunch

Kickstand DB RDL's (2 x 8ea)


Halt Clean (3-3-3-3)

Deadlift the weight to the top of the knee.

Pause above the knee and continue into the clean movement.

(2 second pause above the knee)

5 reps for beginners!

Incline Bench DB High Row (10-10-10-10)

Keep Elbows high, level with your shoulders.

Avoid upper trap involvement.


Single Arm DB Row (8ea - 8ea - 8ea - 8ea)

Hand on bench or box. Keep body square to the ground.


BB Elevated Reverse Lunges (4ea - 4ea - 4ea - 4ea)


Thread the Pigeon (90 seconds)

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