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The foundation to our 6 dimensions is Environment/Community and mindset.

Your mindset relates to your internal.

Your environment relates to your external.

Your environment directly impacts your mindset which means your external impacts your internal. 🤯

Confused? Lol. Let me break it down.

Your overall health is affected by many environmental factors including:

  • Who you choose to spend time with at home, work and in your free time…

  • What information you take in from TV, Internet, social media, newspapers…

  • Where you live, the air you breathe, the weather you spend time in…

Your environment powerful. If you don’t take the time to evaluate how it impacts you, you could be missing a fundamental piece to your health and happiness. 2020 was personally one of the most impactful years for me personally on realizing the power of our environment and the negative impacts it can have if it's not aligned with your goals/lifestyle. I’ve learned to cut a lot of the toxic crap and people out. Ive learned what to minimize and optimize, and what adds to improve my health and happiness. Things I cut out: 1. Negative People- Friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers, whatever it might be. There is nothing more draining than spending time around negative people. It ruins your mindset. You end up in their negative aura and it takes a huge toll on your stress levels which leads to poor health outcomes. 2. Media- Social Media, TV Media, Paper Media, etc. This is where I made the biggest change. It still trips me out how many people think that the media has your best interest at heart. They don't. They’re interested in views and they acquire this through fear and propaganda. Only follow people that make you better versions of yourself and turn off ALL the other bullshit. Promise you this will make you happier than you ever imagined. 3. Too Much Blue Light- Spending all your time inside behind a screen is one of the easiest ways to let your health and energy diminish. Getting off all the "Junk Light" is more important after the sunsets. Our circadian rhythm is supposed to be aligned with the sun, not with your tv, computers, and phones. 4. Indoor Air Pollution- Air pollutants can be 2-5x higher inside vs outside. Getting outside and breathing fresh air and a dose of sunshine, changes the physiology of your body immediately. Things to add - Positive/Happy People - Fresh Air - Sunshine - Getting outside - Movement - More time with people you love - Connecting to humans in person when you can and not over technology - Music, Dancing, Singing -Functional Lifestyles

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