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The Power Of Your Connection With Food

Over the last few years, I’ve dedicated countless hours to the study of nutrition in an attempt to understand what is best for my clients and myself.

I’ll tell you first hand that nutrition is one of the most overly heated and debated spaces to discuss. People come from all different backgrounds, philosophies and dietary preferances – so it’s to be expected.

However, the deeper I delve into it the topic, the more I realize that the basics are what really matter and the fancy details and metrics can make it feel impossible to sustain and understand.

Sustainability has to be our main focus!

We don’t need another diet or 6 week challenge.

We need something that seamlessly works into our lifestyle and we can commit to.

Taking small steps is the the best way to progress.

Slow progress is the best progress.

WHY? Well, for some it takes a long time to convert 'bad' habits into 'good' habits.

So, let’s get into nutrition!

We all approach food very differently.

For some, it’s pleasure.

For some it’s a way to de-stress.

For some it’s a matter of convenience.

Yet, for others it’s strictly about necessary energy intake.

Whichever angle you approach your food from, one thing is for sure: A successful and sustainable diet will include goals of nourishment, healing and of course, pleasure. Where there is purposeful intent – there is a chance to be successful. This requires us to develop a deeper connection to food itself.

I personally believe the best way for us to do this is by thoughtfully connecting with our food through:

  • cooking our own food

  • shopping for our food

  • growing our food,

  • and yes, even hunting your own food (If you are into that kinda’ thing lol)

I preach the 80/20 rule to every client I work with. 80% of the food that goes into my body is shopped and cooked for by myself (Or my girlfriend 🤣).

This allows me to control the sourcing, the ingredients, how they are cooked and stored.

I always look for the highest grade ingredients and aim to control how my food is prepped.

If you are relying on take out, restaurants, meal services, etc. you develop a dependency on the services for your success. I hate to break it to you - most of the ingredients that they cook with are sub par. The temperatures they're cooked at are sub par and the price you pay is outrageous at the places that are doing it right.

By cooking our food, we develop a connection with our food. We develop the skills and knowledge over time to become self sustainable. We control the process, we become independent and this is the road to intuitive eating.

So many clients give us the same answer, "I don't know how to cook!"

But you do know how to spend 4-6 hours a day on your phone.

Change your content and learn the skills that are needed to become independent.

Heat, Salt, Fat and Acid will make anything taste good.

You will realize how easy it actually is to do, just have to get started!

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