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The fittest unfit person

We all know them.

You know, those people who look physically fit but rarely crack a smile?

It’s that ripped guy you down the street who can do a 500 lbs deadlift or that beautiful, lean woman you regularly run into at the organic produce aisle of your grocery store. They look so strong. Athletic, too. In all honesty, they look great. But, they're never smiling.

Are they really fit?

Most people define “fitness” by how much they can lift, run or what size they wear. It becomes a numbers and aesthetics game that changes based off of what other peole are doing and achieving.

But can you be “fit” if you’re constantly chasing numbers and/or comparing yourself to others? What about mental fitness? Emotional fitness? Spiritual fitness?

Numerous studies have shown that when we play the “what is he/she doing” game, we experience an increased risk of depression, anxiety, loneliness and more. (Just look at social media culture).

So, how do we change this when humans inevitably like to categorize and compare themselves.

You change it by living your best life. You eat healthy. You work out. You surround yourself with good people. You create an environment for yourself that enables you to grow and support your goals/aspirations.

You believe that you are worth every positive move that you make in life.

You are a conglomeration of your life experiences, interactions, actions and thoughts. It doesn’t matter what the person next to you is doing. All that matters, is what you are doing! Your progress and your worth aren’t defined by others – they are defined by you for you.

Or, you can always join the "fittest unfit" club.

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