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The New Year just rolled around.

We’ve got our resolutions down and we’re going to attack them with incredible success.

We take the energy from our new-found motivation and place it into our new fitness/diet challenge of the year.

But before you embark on your next fitness challenge, I want to you to know 5 things:

1. The Approach- While I'm sure 99% of challenges are created with good intentions, they unfortunately forget to take in account that optimizing your health is a process not a result. Every challenge is created with a means to an end. So, if you are looking to make a lifestyle change, focus on fixing the problem, not treating the symptom.

2. Background Checks-We’re all in very different places with our health and fitness; and knowing this alone is enough reason to understand that a cookie cutter approach for change is not optimal at an individual level. Most of us will benefit from a general approach, but many of us will need something that accommodates more towards our style of living.

3. Sustainability-Most challenges have a time frame in front of them…a 6 week challenge will only provide structure for 6 weeks. After week 6 weeks your body begins to adapt and needs new ''structure" to continually provide results. Your body is an adaptive machine and will plateau when it has adapted to its stimulus.

4. Intensity-Most challenges are formatted to provide you with as much intensity and structure as they can, to provide you the result. Which is great for the time frame of the challenge period but not the best approach for long term success. All work needs recovery, and unfortunately most of us don't know how to program that balance and will eventually burn out.

5. Mindset-The foundation to our entire program at Functional Lifestyles is mindset. Your mindset will dictate your success in all areas of your life – so, we need to master this. Challenges can be great to elevate your state, but the focus has to be on the love of the process and not only the end result.

If you’re looking for a new way to revolutionize your entire approach to health and fitness, but most importantly have the support and structure of a lifestyle coach, sign up for your free trial.

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