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Not happy? Here's Why...

“Don't worry about a thing 'Cause every little thing gonna’ be alright… Ahh, if only life were as simple as a Bob Marley song. But the truth is… You’ve got back pain. You’ve got bills. You’ve got 30lbs to lose. You’ve got a toxic relationship. You’ve got something…all the time! And while we all could use a little Marley in our life, I can’t tell you to not worry about a thing. Problems exist. Your issues are real (but for my drama kings and queens, some of them are self-imposed lol). But once your problems are solved, you’ll be happy right? Errr, wrong… Happiness isn’t a destination. It’s a pursuit. We’re spoon-fed to believe that one accomplishment or item will buy us happiness. It couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m not saying to live life apathetically. To accept and move forward is very different than apathy and defeat. If you’ve got bills, set up a payment plan and pay it off. If you’re in a toxic relationship, find a way to better it or get out. You have a lot to give to the world – don’t let your light diminish in someones darkness. You’ve got an extra 30lbs to lose? Work out and eat well. Your life literally depends on it. Research shows that the road of happiness involves a lot of discomfort. Studies also say that our environment, our sleep patterns, our day-to-day activities, the people we choose to spend the most time with significantly affects our state of happiness, your thought process, communication style all impact our happiness. Studies also show that health and happiness have a direct correlation. Taking daily active steps to be healthy is essential. In America alone, depression, obesity and chronic illnesses are on a rise. So, what are we doing wrong? For starters, we’re only focused on the goal. We’re not focused on the everyday steps it takes to get there. Research suggests that focusing on small everyday pleasures, setting and meeting goals, staying connected and close to people that uplift you and you enjoy, defining purpose in your life, exercising regularly, eating well, getting proper sleep – all of it contributes to “happiness”. Start enjoying the little things and as the follow up lyrics to above Marley song goes… Rise up this mornin' Smiled with the risin' sun Three little birds Pitch by my doorstep Singin' sweet songs Of melodies pure and true Saying', (this is my message to you) Maybe, Marley’s got a point after all.

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