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Movement is human nature. Exercise is human performance.

Let that sink in a little bit...

Many of us only focus on that one hour workout a day. Completely ignoring the importance of daily movement outside our traditional workout hours. But movement affects:

  • Health optimization

  • Weight Loss

  • Mental Health

  • Stress Management

  • Sleep

Yup, pretty much the whole 9 yards!

Many of us pursue exercise as a platform to improve our aesthetics, performance and health. We fail to understand that the foundation of a healthy exercise program is solid movement.

Let’s break down Daily Movement (quantity) & Proper Movement Mechanics (Quality)

To improve longevity, we can exercise with proper mechanics. To improve weight loss, fat loss, stress management and sleep, we increase the # of steps we take in a day. To improve our mobility and range of motion, we can move more.

Right now, 2020 has really shown us the effects of sitting on our asses all day…the weight gain, the lethargy, the fatigue. Some of us are only focusing on that 1 hour of exercise and are remaining sedentary the rest of the day. We don’t realize how much of an impact the other 23 hours has on our bodies.

  • Your body recovers from exercise with movement

  • Your body burns more fat at lower level activity when oxygen is present.

  • Your body (walking outside in the AM) sets your circadian rhythm; to help improve sleep.

  • Your body reduces stress, every time you get out, inhale fresh air and are present in the beauty of nature.

Make movement a bigger priority and watch how EVERYTHING IMPROVES!

It’s simple. Exercise efficiently and move frequently! A body with a solid foundation will grow stronger and faster!

-Functional Lifestyles

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