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Meet coach Michael


"FL allows my personality and coaching style to go hand in hand. I love supporting clients with their goals." It's no secret, that FL clients fall in love with our program and community. - Michael

Many have mentioned that its the one fitness studio where all you need to do is show up, be yourself and work hard. It's not a competition. It's a fitness community.


"Im not a hold-you-hand type of coach. I'm a "give-you-the-tools" and watch and support you type of coach. I'm there with you for the whole process but I can't train for you." So if you're looking for a coach to lift the weights for you (Michael ain't your coach). 🤣

On Olympic Lifting...

"Olympic lifting is hard, meticulous but worth it for anyone who wants to learn." 1. It's extremely objective. No matter how I feel, 100 kgs will always be 100kgs and I respect that fact. 2. When I finished playing football at 27, I was very lost on how, what and why to train. I had no goal set besides getting stronger and trying to use my football "skills" to attract clients. When a friend suggested I try a gym that specializes in it, I fell in love. The technical process, the self-trust you build and the strength gained are immeasurable compared to the discipline and peace it brings me.

Coach Michael Fun Fact:..

Ever wonder where Michael gets his strong voice projection, precise enunciation and stage-like-performance coaching style? Well, he took theater for 9 years! That's right! All through high school and college he was spitting out Shakespeare lines and simultaneously kicking a$$ on the football field. So, mystery solved. You're welcome.

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