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Hey FunLifers,


That’s right! As many of you know, around this time every year we go through the Deload cycle at our Palo Alto location. (4 Meso Cycles (13 weeks each x 4 a year = 52 weeks)


Deload is not only vital to training sustainability but it’s an essential part of our longevity, overall. It’s still funny to me that so many people don't understand the benefit of deload phases.

As an athlete, I hated this cycle too but as I progressed in the industry I learned how crucial deload was for my body and well-being.

The intensity of your training is only as good as your recovery. You have to allow your body to regulate, actively recover, improve mobility and prime your body before the next 12 weeks of ass kicking!

Deload phases aren’t only meant for training – it’s the same strategy you should apply to your everyday life.

Imagine working 52 weeks a year with no time off?

Imagine being up 24hours with no sleep?

Imagine being trapped inside your house all day long with your kids (Hello 2020)?

Just thinking about it stresses me out.

"Deloading" is essential for our health and wellness.

We need time to disconnect.

We need time to rest.

We need time off. Period.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, overworked and/or stressed; my suggestion is to take some time to "Deload". For some of us it only needs to be a day to ourselves or a week off with our family and friends.

How you use your “deloading” time is subjective but must remain objective with structure and timing.

Have a great New Year’s Eve! Enjoy yourselves responsibly at home with your loved ones! We’re finally wrapping up this shit show of a year 2020.

And we’re excited to turn the corner with you all in 2021!

-Functional Lifestyles

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