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It only takes ONE

Hey FunLifers,

I want to talk to you about the magic of ONE small change and its ability to compound into exponential growth for your health and fitness. 

A question I got this week in one of my client check-ins was, "Where do I start? I have so much I need to fix.” 

THIS is actually one of the most popular questions we get, and it makes sense when you think about the amount of work that goes into optimizing your health and fitness. That being said you are not supposed to change EVERYTHING at once either.

Unfortunately, this is why most people quit! We want all of our results and we want all of them today. The power of compounding doesn't just have to do with interest and finances, this also relates to everything we do throughout our lives.

The ability to change one small habit that creates a cascade of changes into other areas of our lives. So, instead of trying to change everything at once, start with the low hanging fruit.

As a team, this is something we always talk about. What is the lowest hanging fruit that will provide the biggest ROI?

Example 1: Let’s say that you were someone who was constantly stress eating throughout the day. Instead of us telling you what to and what not to eat, what if we provided you with tools to improve your sleep quality/quantity and suddenly that improved your food cravings?

Example 2: What if you had lower back pain? Instead of you reaching for the foam roller, visiting a chiropractor and being in pain, what if I just told you for every 30 minutes you sit at your desk you should take a walk and move around for 5 mins.

So, the question we want to be asking is less about the fancy tactical fixes and more about the easy foundational fixes.

What is the easiest thing I can change that will provide the best long-term result?

Look for that ONE thing!

As a result, the power of habit will begin to kick in and once you fix that one thing, your body will crave the next.

Motivation doesn't come from just watching hype videos or your coach cheering you on. It comes from RESULTS!

Let every change produce a result and your body will forever crave that habit!

If you guys need help figuring this out, reach out to your coaches and schedule your check-ins! This is why we do this :)

Have a great day!

-Functional Lifestyles 

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