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Is Your Relationship Doomed?

Is your relationship doomed? (Trust me, I’m going somewhere with this)

A doomed relationship is where boredom and plateau meet. It’s also how most people could describe their relationship with exercise and it’s why most people quit!

No growth. No excitement. No point?

In a sense, yes. While any movement is better than no movement, the quality and dynamic nature of your movement play a huge role in your success. Did you know it takes about 6-8 weeks for your body’s muscular system to adapt to a routine? It takes an even shorter amount of time for you to mentally adapt to it.

Research shows that people who continue to challenge their bodies and minds through varied exercise were more inclined to stick with their exercise program and to enjoy it! Consistently challenging your body and mind with new exercise stimuli helps you adhere to your workouts. That dreaded plateau you're always worried your results will encounter is due to repetitive training stimulus. So, we want to help you mix it up!

At Functional Lifestyles, we want you enjoy your relationship with exercise. We want you to fall in love with the process of getting healthy and strong. We want you to find fulfilment in optimizing your lifestyle which is why we diligently and passionately create dynamic workouts based on 6 week cycles and the great news is that we're officially in ORANGE TIER this week and are just beginning our new cycle! ORANGE Tier allows us 25% indoor capacity beginning Monday, 4/5/21. With 25% indoor capacity, our classes will be 8:2 instead of 5:1. Our new cycle helps will accommodate this new change. Our classes will be 5 outside and 3 inside with 2 coaches per class instead of 1. Our 2 coach model is one of the MANY things that separates Functional Lifestyles from every other gym. We know we're not fully back to our classic model, but we’re getting there!

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