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It’s redundant. It’s played out. ...And yet, many of us have our 2021 resolutions ready-to-go (if you met none of this past year's resolutions – well, you get a pass for 2020 🤣) As cliché as it may seem and as much as we’d like to say, “there's no day like today” - attaching resolutions to the New Year could be a great impetus for change. Did you know what were the top resolutions for 2020? According to a survey of 2000+ Americans, amongst the top 4 resolutions of 2020 were:

Eat Healthier – 51% Be More Active – 50% Lose Weight – 42% Improve Mental Well Being – 38%

Not surprised? Neither were we. Wanting to feel better, move better and improve our lives is an intrinsically human desire – as it should be. The question then isn’t “do you want a better quality of life?” You work hard. You deserve one. The real question is “Are the changes you need to make to improve your well-being incremental or transformational?” Incremental change requires you to adjust progress through a minor series of changes. E.g. If you need to drop 15 lbs, that might mean increasing your physical activity and then a few weeks after that dropping that large cookie you treat yourself to everyday. Transformational change requires you to do a deep dive into your values and beliefs to shake up some of your life processes. If you’ve struggled for years, decades with a myriad of issues related to significant excess weight or a counter-productive lifestyle, you gotta’ find another way. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your loved ones. You owe it to your life. Whatever your resolutions may be. However intense or however small - know that you're worth it and that there is solution and process to get to your goals. At Functional Lifestyles, we believe that everyone has the right to a better quality of life and through knowledge, structure, support and accountability - it's all within grasp. Our approach doesn't just involve a fancy program with a fancy app (I mean it includes that, too). But it involves real coaches that really care. No, we're not just saying that.

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