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Identity of Human movement

Hey FunLifers,

For those of you that follow us on IG, you know we've been talking a lot about movement and mobility. So, for today's email we'll break this down into more detail for you all.

When you think about biomechanics and movement we have to remember that this is a 2-sided conversation. Let's talk about in Silicon Valley lingo (software vs hardware) to understand how this works.

Software vs Hardware (Motor Control vs. Mobility)

Motor Controlis skill acquisition. It is the coordination that is required to move well. You can be 6'10, strong and flexible, but that doesn't mean you're good at basketball. In this case, you have the hardware requirements to move well, but not the skill.

So, how do we improve Motor Control? 

"Perfect practice makes perfect". The reason why you work with professionals is to help improve your technical skills, form and movement mechanics. This takes time and also varies person to person. Some of us naturally pick up new skills faster than others, and some of us feel like we can't pick it up no matter how hard and long we try.

Now, the other side of the conversation...Hardware (aka Mobility)

When we say mobility, we're talking about your ACTIVE range of motion, not your passive flexibility. 

You can stand up and hug your knee to test passive hip flexion, then you can stand up and lift your knee up without your arms and there will be less range of motion.

Your active ROM will always be less than your passive ROM. Our goal though is to close the gap between these two. 

Mobile vs Stable Joints

The human body is composed of 2 different types of joints; Mobile vs Stable Joints.

Stable Joints- Feet, Knees, Lumbo-Pelvic, Scapula, Elbows

Mobile Joints- Ankles, Hip, T-Spine, Shoulders, Wrist

Example: If I rotated your hip 90 degrees, we don't have a problem but...if I rotate your knee 90 degrees you'd never see me again or possibly you'd want to see me in court haha, not funny! 

So bringing this back full circle, when we think about optimizing or fixing one's movement capacity we have to remember that it's not just the typical stretch it out and move on. There is so much more that could be going on. Sometimes it's just an easy motor control fix and other times it's a more complex soft tissue or stability problem which requires more time to fix. 

If you're struggling with technique in the gym, pain in your body or looking to become a badass with your movement capacity; schedule a time to meet with your coach to go over a mobility program that can do all of that. 

This is the foundation to a great training program and the foundation to longevity and sustainability to your health.

Have a great day!

-Functional Lifestyles 

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