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How Your Community Affects Your Success

When a ship sails on the ocean, we often marvel at its strength, beauty and the smoothness of how it travels on its journey. What we don’t see are all the parts that hold that ship up – the bow, the stern, the anchor etc.

As people, we aren’t too different from that ship. We often look at people and only see the individual’s success - but every individual needs to be held up. To reach our full potential we need all the parts of our ship. All those parts - the bow, the stern, the anchor - that's are our community.

For this reason, it’s extremely important to be part of a community that aligns with our goals and who we are.

If you choose and build your community with purpose your community will provide:






Whether it be financial, spiritual, emotional, mental or physical – you are as strong as the people you surround yourself with. When you are around people who motivate you, inspire you, uplift you, guide you, cheer you on, hear you out, share ideas and have fun with – reaching your goals becomes that much more attainable. We know you set high standards for yourself – who said you have to do it alone?

Numerous studies show a direct correlation between having a strong community/environment with levels of anxiety, stress and achievement of goals. It's simple, when we're around people that share our values and goals, we feel empowered and motivated.

At Functional Lifestyles, we know the effect community has on our clients and our team. Over the past 4 years, our clients and team members have become our community and family. We support and uplift one another. So much so, that even after our clients or team members move away – they continue to be part of our FL community through remote training, our FL Whoop community etc.

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