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Here's why Youre burned out

Depleted. Exhausted. Distant. If these are the words you’ve been using to describe your feelings for a while now - then welcome to the world of BURN OUT! Recently, I’ve overheard more and more people talking about “burn out” with jobs, routines, workouts, relationships, diets and of course, the pandemic. You’re not abnormal. Burn out is a real thing. We all go through these moments. But the question is, “Can we do anything to avoid this syndrome?” The simple answer for me is that we experience burnout only when we’re out of alignment with our purpose, our goals and our innate self. It’s a simple answer but holds a lot of weight. So, let’s go deeper. For many the earlier years of life are met with continuous jumping from one thing to the next (career, dating, fitness, diets etc). But if we continue to pogostick from one thing to the next for an extended amount of time without any introspection we often run the risk of burn out. This is due to the fact that we lack a sense of self, a sense of understanding what we really want out of life and relationships or pressures from what we think others may think of us or what we’re “supposed” to do. But happiness isn’t necessarily achieved from jumping from one high to the next. Happiness is an inside job. When we are in alignment with our true self and the purpose, we believe we are here for we may get tired or frustrated, but we won’t be burned out. Take the time to sit down and really ask yourself the big questions. What do you want out of life? What type of people do you want to surround yourself with? What inspires you? What motivates you? What gives you peaceful joy? What softens your heart? Once you do the work and answer these questions then it’s time to plan. Plan the route with the most sustainable approach. Then focus on the process and systems that drive the results. Do your best and trust that things will fall into place. When we put positive and honest energy into the direction we want, the world around us has a way of serving us. Respect and make peace with your “yesterday” move past it knowing that it made you who are and who you could be. Be excited about the future and your dreams and goals of tomorrow. BUT EMBRACE TODAY. The current moment you’re in right now is your only guarantee. Be present. Focus on the journey. When dealing with burnout, take the opportunity to sit down and reflect on the why behind it. Establish your “why”. The “how” and “what” will follow. Lastly, with all successful ventures in all areas of our life, remember it won’t be easy. We must remember that it will not be easy, there will be hardship, struggles, failures and setbacks. This is part of the process, so instead of quitting and jumping to the next big thing, just remember the next big thing will also have those same setbacks but if it’s aligned with your “why”, burn out won’t exist. With all growth comes discomfort. Learn to sit with your discomfort and soon one day you will be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Hope this helps some of you! For a deeper dive into this topic, listen to today’s "Pursuit of Balance" Podcast.

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