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Give $100 Get $100

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"Community is more than belonging to something; its about doing something together that makes belonging matter" - Brian Solis

One of the main reasons we're Palo Alto's #1 Fitness Studio is because of our strong community. Many of our clients are here with their friends, spouses, coworkers and family ("strength in numbers"). It has been proven that working out with people you care about not only enhances your workout experience but provides the accountability, emotional support and motivation required for sustainability. Not only does working out with friends or family strengthen your body but it also strengthens your relationship. :)

Give $100 Get $100

For a limited time, refer a friend to FunctionalLifestyles and they'll get $100 off their membership fee and so will you!

It's as easy and 1-2-3!

1. Go to "Contacts" On Your Phone

2. Click Share "Contacts"

Once they reach out to us, we will take over from there!

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