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In the traditional fitness world, “grit” is associated with images of sweat-laden, muscular women and men performing hyper-aggressive exercises, pushing their bodies to the limit.

But grit isn’t about the physical and the external.

True grit is an internal quality of strength that elevates your life and the lives of those around you.

One of the most beneficial (but often overlooked) aspects of taking care of your health and fitness is the ability to train your mind. If you can train your mind, you can train your body. The physical and aesthetics part of it are a by-product. What you are really doing when you’re approaching your health and fitness is taking control of your life and your mindset. This is why it is so important to approach health and fitness from a holistic point of view.

You can train your body all you want. You can eat the right food. You can follow your workout plan to a tee – but if you don’t have the mindset or the education behind it you won’t sustain it which is why so many people fall off their plan or quit. We believe that a true health and fitness plan is not just about training your body. It goes much deeper than that. You are training your mind,

Your mindset, your environment, how you manage stress and sleep, your relationship with food and how you move – they’re all connected and they’re all critical to your health and fitness.

This is why we created a program that not only gives you structure but provides you with the education you need to sustain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Our virtual remote coaches will educate and empower you, so you continue to progress and overcome plateaus. By training your mindset, you inevitably will develop that “workout” grit to help you look good, but you’ll also develop the grit to help you overcome challenges in life.

Grit is about perspective, outlook and it’s also about having the courage to know when you need support and accountability. It’s about taking that first courageous step to a better life.

It's time to unleash your grit. Speak to an FL coach today and get 2 free coaching sessions along with full access to our Fitness Program for 7 days!

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