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FUN! Your Health Needs It...Here's Why!

Hey FunLifers,

How many times have you heard, "Sorry, I don't have time for fun?" How many times have YOU said that? Well, what if you knew that "having fun" was directly linked to your health and fitness?

Most of us spend our lives focused on everything but the present moment. We have to work hard to get that promotion. We have to save up money to buy that big house. So, just the mere thought of engaging in an activity that isn’t for the sole purpose of monetary gains, career enhancement or someone’s else’s needs makes us feel like we’re wasting time. 

But there are scientifically backed reasons of why YOU NEED to have more fun in your life. 

  • Enjoying time with others or engaging in “fun” activities can strengthen your relationships. 

  • At work, fun activities with coworkers are linked to increased productivity. 

  • And it’s no secret, having fun relieves stress. 

In relation to exercise and movement, the more fun you have in physical activity can positively impact your hormone levels. When we’re stressed, hormone levels such as our cortisol level are negatively impacted and can wreak havoc on our immune systems. 

Have you ever noticed how you feel after and during an in-class workout with your FL community? The shared laughter, the shared playfulness and the shared hard work with others - they all help balance your hormones and have a direct impact on your immunity and metabolic functions. 

Or if you want to look at the philosophical perspective to have more fun...

Our only empirical evidence of life is our time here on earth. Yea I know, our lives are riddled with challenges, questions and goals. But what good is the destination if you didn’t take time to enjoy the journey? What good was the journey if you didn’t make connections with those whom you could laugh from your gut with or go for a run at sunrise with? What constitutes as "fun” will change from person to person- but we’ve all got one life. How much sweeter would the journey be if we found time to embrace genuine joy along the way?

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