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Flat Abs or Strong Core?

Summer is here.

So, you’re working hard on those flat abs. Right?

Or are you working on your core?

Wait, there's a difference?

You're da*n right there's a difference.

Not only is there a difference in their functionality and how they serve our physical structure but we also train them differently.

The 4 muscles that are involved in “ab training” are the: Rectus abdominus, External oblique, Internal oblique,Transverse abdominis.

Working these muscles is extremely important. Each one of these 4 muscles serves a different purpose.

  1. The rectus abdominis' primary function is to move the body between the ribcage and the pelvis.

  2. The external obliques help rotate the trunk and helps support the rotation of the spine.

  3. The internal abdominal oblique serves as an opposing force to the diaphragm. It also supports the abdominal wall, assists in forced respiration, aids in raising pressure in the abdominal area, and helps other muscles rotate and turns the trunk.

  4. Acting as the protector of the internal organs and holding them in place is one of the main roles of the transverse abdominis. It also supports the torso by keeping abdominal wall tension.

The whole core, however, involves the 360-degree stability of your entire midsection. The core muscles include all 4 ab muscles (Rectus abdominus, External oblique, Internal oblique,Transverse abdominis) plus the multifidus muscle, erector spinae, pelvic floor, diaphragm, and latissimus dorsi. Our ab muscles help contribute to side and front stability; but the core is very important for daily control and function. All movement stems from the core.

So, which one should you train?

The answer is: both!

Every muscle serves a purpose and helps and protects our body. To find out which exercises target the abs and which focus on your core, schedule a time to speak with one of our FL coaches or take a session on Tuesday and Wednesday. Our Cycle 32: Summer Kick-off is in full gear!

Monday – Front Squats & Sumo Deadlifts/Double Strength Tuesday – Back and Abs Strength/Conditioning Wednesday – Conditioning & Core Thursday – Shoulder/Overhead Strength/Conditioning Friday – Olympic Lift & Chest/Double Strength

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