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Don't Treat your health Like a Social Media Post

Log on to any social media platform and you’ll get tiny, likely inaccurate, glimpses of the lives of billions of people. We’re fed daily 10 second videos, filtered photos and one to two short analytical paragraphs of complex, century old issues. What we’re not getting is a deep understanding of a person, an issue, of anything.

Unfortunately, this is exactly how many of us approach health and fitness.

Fad diets.

Trendy exercises.


“Connecting” with people through screens.

Studying everything without experiencing anything.

I hate to break it to you – this is not health.

Health is holistic.

It’s a state of physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social wellness.

It’s a lifestyle. (Hence the name, “Functional Lifestyles”)

How you do, what you do, and whom you do it with – it all contributes to your health.

It’s unique to each individual but the shared commonality between all of us is we have to put the work in.

We live in a society today where we want everything quickly and we want instant gratification. We feel lonely, we post a photo online and boom we’re “validated”.

We live in a society today where if we want to fix something physical like our weight – we resort to invasive procedures or insane diet and exercise gimmicks.

We live in a society today where I can’t even use the word “fix” because it implies judgment or that something’s “bad”.

But here’s the thing…

Wanting to improve an aspect of your life, believing in yourself that you have what it takes to do it and that you deserve it – that’s not judgment – that’s strength, that’s faith and that’s what propels your life to the next level.

There is no destination.

Health is not a goal.

It’s a life-long journey.

Reflect on your life.


Go deeper and reframe your understanding of health.

This past year and a half brought a lot of heaviness and darkness but if you are fortunate enough to have made it out of it – it gave us perspective and thankfully, it also gave us another chance.

Seize it. 😊

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