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Do You Walk With Your Eyes Closed?

Do you walk with your eyes closed?

If I had to make a bet, the answer is probably no (at least not by choice).

But take a minute to think about what would happen if you did?

Better yet, try it. Just make sure there are no cliffs or sharp objects in vicinity and proceed at your own risk – we’re not liable 😂).

Many of us are kinda’ living our lives in the same way.

Going through the motions, getting halted by distractions, and just trying to get by.

Forget about walking with our eyes closed – we’re living with our minds shut.

As opposed to paving our path and addressing issues, we get caught up in distractions because it seems easier. And it often is – for a very short time.

Today, I want to talk about the importance of intent.

If you ask anyone what they want out of life – the answer is almost always “happiness”.

Ask them a follow up question on what that means – their answer may include the achievement of a goal, possessing some big materials item or living a life they think everyone else will approve of.

The truth is happiness if directly correlated with living deliberately – which only you can define for yourself. What does that mean?

Be it exercise and movement, your nutrition, your environment, your mindset, your relationships, your words…

Whatever it is, putting intention in what you do, who you choose to spend time with, where you go and what you want will upgrade your life significantly.

Here are a few small tips to help you get started…

Start Meditating!

Ok, if the idea of sitting in a yoga pose for hours on end isn’t your cup of tea or sounds way too out there you can access meditation in so many other ways. The purpose of meditation is to rid your mind of the noise (social media, what other’s think etc.) and to deeply connect with yourself. One way to do this is through movement. Go for a run, swim in the ocean. You can also try listening to instrumental music without any distraction etc. etc. Take 10 minutes out of each day to meditate and you’ll start to see how your mind evolves and what doors you open to what is important to you.

Start Asking Why!

One of the scariest things about asking ourselves “why” is that we often know the answer will make us realize we need to change something, and change is hard. What’s harder though – is living a life of just going through the motions. Working harder and harder each day to never find fulfillment. You have a finite amount of time on this planet – why waste it? Once you figure out your why, take small steps and GO AFTER IT!

Now, I’m not advocating to forego all your responsibilities for your new realization. Responsibility and connection to that which is outside us is equally important. Just take the time to figure out what is worth it and what isn’t.

Start taking thoughtful action!

You want to lose weight? Great. What step can you take for that?

Your environment hurts more than it helps? Great. What are you going to remove to start fixing that?

Whatever it is, be thoughtful. Take small steps and be disciplined about those. Above all, be willing to take a few falls to get to the next level of your life!

Ok. Ok. You’re probably thinking “why the heck is a health and fitness semi-private training facility telling me all this?”

It’s simple – health and fitness are a balance of everything in your life! Do you know how many “perfect looking” people are walking around miserable inside? (A lot!) Live a life with intent or plan on “crashing and burning” often.

We don’t want to give you great workouts and nutrition advice. We’re also here to help you figure out why any of this matter to you in the first place. Whether you want to join us in person or work with us remotely – we’re here to help you get healthy and fit, but we mean that in the true sense.

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