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Do You Deadlift Sumo Style?

What is it?

Why did we program it in our Cycle 32: Summer Kick Off?

You’ve got questions.

We’ve got answers.

So, here goes…

Before the 70’s, The great Japanese lifter Inaba used a close stance sumo where he started his pull with arms between his legs, but finished with his arms outside of his legs.

Serving as a variation to the conventional deadlift, the Sumo deadlift is a wide-stance deadlift. Often considered easier than the conventional deadlift due to less range of motion, the sumo deadlift istechnically more advanced.

The main difference between the conventional and sumo is how the lifter sets up her/his feet and hands. When you lift the bar with hands gripped inside the legs, your hip stance is far wider and toes are pointed slightly outwards – you’re lifting Sumo style, baby! One of the benefits of the Sumo deadlift (in comparison to the conventional) is the decreased force on the lumbar spine.

The Sumo deadlift helps strengthen your:




Other posterior chain muscles

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