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Day 4 Workout of Cycle 33! Letssss Gooooo!

Thursday's Workout:

It's Day 4 of Cycle 33!!!

Today the focus is on Vertical Pushing, Horizontal Pulling and plenty of shoulder and back work today!

We also have brought in some skill work to our strength piece - Alternating BB Split Jerks.

Spend your first couple weeks this cycle mastering the technique and add weight throughout the cycle. We have it paired with heavy single arm rows.

No conditioning today, instead we have replaced it with some hypertrophy shoulder raises and toes to bar.

WARMUP SkiErg 3 x 200 m Ball Slams 3 x 1 ACTIVATION Banded Shoulder Activations 1 x 10 RESET Half Kneeling DB Shoulder Press 3 x 8 Inverted Rows 3 x 10 STRENGTH/POWER (for weight) Single Arm DB Rows 4 x 8 Alt Barbell Split Jerks 4 x 6 HYPERTROPHY Shoulder Complex (Front/Laters/Rear) 3 x 8 Toes to Bar 3 x 12 COOLDOWN Twisted Cross 1 x 1:30 Half Kneeling Banded Lat Stretch 1 x 1:30

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