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Day 1 Workout Of Cycle 33

Today's workout is upper body and core focused. We focus on horizontal pushing, rotation and anti-rotation work. Your main strength piece is a barbell Bench Press with a 3 sec eccentric phase for every rep, focusing on tension, stability and power on the way back up.

We'll finish up with a bodyweight conditioning section; burning those arms up for whatever strength they have left and getting those legs moving a little bit today as well.

Enjoy Cycle 33: Day 1

WARMUP Jump Rope 2 x 00:45 Seal Walks 2 x 100 ft Scorpions 2 x 10 WARMUP/ACTIVATION Banded Shoulder Activations 1 x 10 RESET Half Kneeling Cable Chest Press w/ Reciprocal Arm 3 x 10 Landmine Barbell Rotations 3 x 16 STRENGTH/POWER (for weight) Barbell Bench Press 4 x 8 Around the World Ball Slams 4 x 20 CONDITIONING (for time) Hand Release Pushups 5 x 10 Side Plank Windmills 5 x 15 Air Squats 5 x 20 COOLDOWN Twisted Cross 1 x 1:30

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