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Cycle 35: Day 3


2 Rounds

Jump Rope (45 sec)

Seal Walk (outside turf)

Scorpions (5ea)

BSA's (3x8)

Single Arm DB Bench Press w/ Iso Glutei Bridge & Single Leg Lift (3 x 6ea)


Bench Press (5-5-5-5)

3 seconds down!

Half Kneeling Pall of Press & Twist (10ea-10ea-10ea-10ea)

Twist towards the knee in front.

Brace throughout.


E. O. M. O. M. (5 rounds):

You must complete both movements inside of the 2 minute rounds.

Airdyne 10 calories

Push ups - 10 reps


Partner Med Ball Toss Sit-Ups (2 x 20)


- Puppy Dog (2 min)

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