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Cycle 35: Day 2

CYCLE 35: DAY 2 That Late Summer Feelin'

WARMUP RUN 4 Play (Lunge Reach Twist, Inchworms, Side Lunges, PVC) Relative Strength/Stability Tall, Full-kneeling overhead DB Tricep Extensions (3 x 12) TRX Pistol Squats (3 x 6 ea) Strength Front Squat (3-3-3-3) 3 Seconds Down DB Half-kneeling Arnold Press (12-12-12-12) Switch Knees every set! Strength Thruster (5-5-5-5) Keep brace strong as you press the bar up. Reset brace after you bring it back to front rack position. Copenhagen Side Plank (20sec-20sec-20sec-20sec) Feet elevated. Regress if necessary. Cooldown Half Saddle (90 sec per side)

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