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Cycle 35: Day 1

CYCLE 35: DAY 1 That Late Summer Feelin'

WARMUP (2 Rounds) Scapular Pull-Ups (10 reps) Walking Prison Lunges with Knee Drive & Hold (10 each leg - hold for 2 seconds) ***BHAs*** Relative Strength/Stability Half Kneeling Single Arm Cable Row (3 x 8ea) (1 second pause at the top of the pull) TRX Glute Bridges (3x12) Strength BB Seal Rows (8-8-8-8) Banded DB RDL's (12-12-12-12) Smaller movement, same high tension/brace. Place the bands on the front end of the DBS. Conditioning For completion: SkiErg (calories) & Incline Bench Reverse Crunches (reps) 4-6-8-10-8-6-4 Cooldown Dead-Ass Pigeon (90 sec/side) - Extend out in front like child's pose

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