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Cycle 34: Tuesday's Workout


TURN UP THE VOLUME (Tuesday's Workout)

WARMUP (2 Rounds) - SkirErg: 250 meters - Scorpions: 10 per side *BSA Relative Strength/Stability Landmine 90 Pull n' Press (3 x 6ea) - Speed is your ally. Pull with one hand, punch with the other as you flip 90 degrees. TRX W's (3x12) - Get elbows and maintain elbows at 90 degrees. Strength/Hypertrophy Barbell Strict Press (4 x 10) Barbell Push Press (4 x 10) Pull Ups (4 x 10) Conditioning Lateral Hop Overs (5 x 20) Farmer Carries (5 x 100 ft) Cooldown Twisted Cross (90 sec each side)

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