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CYCLE 34 Day 1

CYCLE 34: DAY 1 TURN UP THE VOLUME (Monday's Workout)

WARMUP Crawls (2 Rounds) - Leopard - Bear -Spider - Duck Relative Strength/Stability Deficit Bulgarian Split Squats (3 x 8ea) - Tempo : 3,2,1,1) - Front Foot On Plate TRX Saws (3x12) - Keep Hips Up and Level Strength Block Cleans (3-3-3) Bar starts slightly above knee. Pull bar up, Triple Extend and catch bar in low receiving position. Take 1-4 Warm Up sets in order to hit a good weight. Rest should be 1-3 minutes long. Seated Cable Face Pulls Body Upright while Sitting Legs are spread wide. Strength Deadlift (8-8-8-8) Side Plank Hip Thrusts (5ea-5ea-5ea-5ea-5ea) 5 second hold at the top of each rep Cooldown Lizard (2 min/side)

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