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Be Careful What You Say

To say the last 18 months has tested us on an individual, societal and global scale is an understatement.

Trying to find the light in times of darkness is definitely, not easy but it's essential or our well being and health.

My first question when I start every session throughout my day or when I see someone for the first time that day, is "How are you?"

The responses lately have been along the lines of...



"Been better".

with the occasional "GREAT, How are you?" (Thank goodness for these)

I've always said that it's easy to see where that person's state of mind is in that one response they give me. When someone is stressed or having a bad day, you'll receive a short pessimistic answer and most likely no follow up asking you how your day is.

I understand the feeling 100%.

When I personally get stressed out, I tend to internalize the stress and work through it in my head which unfortunately takes me out of the present moment I'm in.

I am not saying that just thinking positively will remove your problems.

I am only writing this because of how frequently I hear these defeated responses.

But please remember this, if you only focus on your problems and not your solutions, you'll only attract more problems.

The words you say...

The music you listen to...

The people you surround yourself with...

The media you consume...

ALL OF IT has a huge impact on your mood, energy and overall well-being.

Personally, I want to live my greatest life and not think and talk about depressing shit! And I'm sure you do too!

Looking at every situation with an open mind and a positive spirit is much easier said than done but it's the only choice you have if you want to regain your vitality!

There are 2 different mindsets to choose from.

1. Victim Mindset

-Complains about everything

-Let pain eat you alive

-Let others think for you

-Blame the situation

-Take action based on emotion

-Believe that the world is conspiring to oppress you

2. Warrior Mindset

-Embrace the struggle

-Fight through pain

-Think for yourself

-View every challenge as an opportunity

-Take action based on truth

-Believe that the world is conspiring to help you

Your words control your thoughts and your thoughts control your words.

Practice optimism and gratitude daily!

A few ways to practice optimism and gratitude:

- Keep a gratitude journal

- Meditate

- Share your gratitude with others

- Notice the beauty in nature each day

- Include an act of kindness each day - however small, however big.

- Commit to one day a week when you won't complain about anything.

- Nurture the goodness in your life (people, pets, creativity)

We have SOOO much to be thankful for, but if you choose to wear your Victim glasses all day then guess what - it's gonna be one hell of a depressing life to live!

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