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...and here's your Cycle 36 Thursday workout!!!

WARMUP Plyo Step-Ups (2 x 12 ea) - Extended Plank Toe Touches (2 x 12ea) - Scorpions (5 ea) Relative Strength/Stability Split Stance KB Strict Press (2 x 8ea) KB Split Squats (2 x 8ea) (Do not change the KB side, go immediately into the next movement on the same side Strength Block Cluster (3-3-3-3) Clean the weight then press the weight over your head. Reset on the blocks after every rep. Split Stance Cable Overhead Tricep Extensions (15-15-15-15) Switch stance after every set. Strength DB Incline Bench Press (10-10-10-10) Lu Raises (12-12-12) Using Plates. Cooldown Twisted Cross (90 sec/side)

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