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"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right." -Henry Ford

The foundation you build for your life is a crucial element to your success.

It is also one of our Functional Lifestyles 6 Dimensions - mindset. (If you're interested in a copy of our 6 Dimensions Ebook - contact us :)

I cannot stress the importance of mindset, enough.

As much as you train each individual muscle, you must train your mindset equally if not more.

Today, let’s talk about staying open-minded vs close-minded.

Imagine drawing one big circle.

Within the big circle, imagine drawing a smaller circle.

The big circle is the open-mind and includes stuff like possibility, nutrition, movement.

The small circle is the closed-mind which includes rigidness, roadblocks, diet, exercise.

When we live with a mindset based in the “small circle” we limit our possibilities and the way we perceive adjustment and failure. We become blind to other alternatives and when things don’t go according to plan we end up viewing it as a failure as opposed to an opportunity. This can end up leaving us dejected and hopeless.

On the other hand, living with a mindset in the “big circle”, you tend to view things less from a good vs bad ideology and more of a spectrum of what works better and works less better (not sure if that's correct but you get where I'm going).

With the open-minded approach, you reduce your stress levels because you know that a setback or failure doesn’t mean it’s “the end”. It just means you may need to try something different or just keep trying. It allows you to grow emotionally and mentally. You’re able to set up your foundation not so much on what is “wrong or right” but on what is right for you!

Too many times over my career, I’ve heard clients tell me that something isn’t possible; either because they have never had it or it's been a long time since they have.

The more stress going on in our lives, the harder it becomes to actually stay positive and open minded to everything.

Don't believe me?! Think about what COVID-19 did to all of us! Think about how you took each day as it came and you came through it and are still doing it! Think about the strength and courage it’s taking to live during this time. Two years ago, you would have thought that there was no way you could get through something like this – but hey, you’re reading this email, so clearly you did.

Nothing is impossible. Unless you tell yourself it is!

Your homework for this week:

Take a look at the things unresolved in your life.

Take a look at things going well in your life.

Look at both from an open mind and see what you can take in and out. Invite everything in your life with open arms; with the good the bad might come too but don’t push things away when you could open up and bring it closer to you.

If it scares you, it's a great thing to bring it in closer (unless you're going to try to get a tiger as a pet, you know what I'm trying to say). It may be that one thing that kicks your life from average or good to extraordinary. Let it be an opportunity to become closer and deeper within yourself.

Life - the pretty, the not-so-pretty, the challenging, - it’s all beautiful. Just gotta make sure you're looking at it through the right lens.

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