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10 Steps To Combat Fear And Stress

Today, I’m going to give you 10 steps to deal with fear and stress and through my life philosophy that I base on Stoicism. I know, I know. We're a health and fitness company and yet, Im talking to you about philosophy. Mindset and philosophy are not as obvious to health and fitness as say, exercise and diet but they are your number one most important step you can take towards your health and fitness. So, let’s get into it…shall we? Here are 10 Steps to combat fear and stress…

#1 FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL – It would be an understatement to say that we are living in chaotic times. Media propaganda, information overload and social media have really manifested a chaotic world. It’s no wonder anxiety and stress rates are on an upward rise. Are we facing big issues right now in the world? Hell yeah. But you can only control that which is within YOUR control. It’s easy to get consumed by the chaos around us but worrying about what might happen or could happen is just an inefficient use of energy. Energy that can be used to focus on ways to better your life and health. Check out today’s podcast to find ways to start taking control.

#2 WORST CASE SCENARIO - Okay, so this isn’t the most fun action item but it helps you put things into perspective. Establishing the “worst case scenario” for any situation that brings you anxiety or fear will always give you perspective. It enables you to plan, process and understand what is important and what isn’t. The next time your faced with a problem ask yourself, “If such and such were to happen, would I be OK?

#3 STRESS AND ANXIETY – As a society, we are experiencing an uptick in stress and anxiety at a very early age. Stress and anxiety are inevitable but how we deal with it can make or break us. So, how do you approach stressful and anxiety-ridden situations? ACTION!!! Take action! Stop thinking and overthinking – just take action and make moves towards the direction you want. Stop thinking about what could’ve been or what could be. All the energy you're letting yourself get consumed by could be used toward taking proactive steps. #4 MORTALITY MEDITATION - OK, soooooo this may seem dark, but meditating on the fact that you're mortal and inevitably we will all have to go someday actually gives you a lot of perspective and helps you live in the moment. It helps you ask the questions that matter and makes you wonder if you live a life with the fear of death or live a life of fulfillment and in the moment. #5 FOCUS ON THE PROCESS - It’s great to be goal oriented. We all need goals but we're often so focused on the outcome - we end up stressing ourselves out. Focus on the process and what needs to be done. The achievements will follow. Put the work in and you’ll reap the benefits! Focus on the systems you need to get you from point A to point B? Focus on the day to day, minute to minute, second to second – because cumulatively it adds up. Remember, “the more you separate yourself from the moment – the more stress you accumulate”. #6 BUILD A SUCCESSFUL ENVIRONMENT - Pay attention to your environment. Focus on things that matter and don’t get caught up in what others think or say (i.e. social media). Pay attention to who you spend the most time with, what music you listen to, who you follow on social media etc etc. Surround yourself with people that uplift you and environments that help you get to your goal. #7 PRACTICE GRATITUDE - You have heard it 100,000 times but the best way to combat stress and anxiety is to practice gratitude via journaling, mediation or whatever mode of practice that makes you see all that you do have. #8 PATIENCE - Work hard, follow your passions, move in the direction you want but be patient. You will inevitably meet with challenges and good and bad days – but know that life is working for you. Don’t give up and understand that timing is everything! #9 EGO - Ahhh, the ego. We wear it on our shoulders like armor, but it doesn’t protect us it creates a wall for us to experience some of the most beautiful things in life. Your ego is your enemy not your friend and when you nurture your ego, you’re often creating stress. Determine who you want to be and how it will serve you and the ones you love and live from that space. #10 RUN TOWARDS YOUR FEARS - This isn’t easy to do either. As humans, we’re built to survive not thrive but who wants to spend life in that? And we hear countless stories of people who took a chance on life and themselves and went on to live the most extraordinary life. What did they all have in common? They faced their fears and kept pushing through. One of the greatest things exercise has given me is that when it feels to hard, I push through one more rep or one more set. This mentality and strength of pursuit has translated into how I approach life.

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