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All classes are 1 hour in duration.

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Class Descriptions

Regularly scheduled classes (all classes Monday-Saturday) are movement-based strength and conditioning. Each day of the week is a different workout and every six weeks, we start a new training program. 

FLOGA (Functional Lifestyles + Yoga) is an active stretching hour which increases flexibility, mobility and stability. It is beneficial for muscle recovery and muscle recruitment during the other days of exercise at the gym. 

Olympic Lifting teaches proper form and technique on the Olympic lifts: the snatch, clean and jerk, as well as variations such as the power snatch, power clean, power jerk, hang snatch and hang clean. These movements help develop strength and explosiveness and improve performance in the gym or in any sport. This full-body workout is 1.5 hours in duration. 

Open Gym Hours (Monday-Friday) for FL members. (Full access to gym amenities and equipment)

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