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Functional Lifestyles is a well-rounded fitness program that attacks all angles of health and fitness.

This program intends to bring everything together by helping you move better, eat better, look better, and as a result become happier in your own skin. It focuses on joint mobility, core stability, bodyweight movements, strength training, conditioning work and emphasizes core/compound lifts, which have proven to be more effective than machines will ever be, essentially making your body the machine.



Everybody has their why. When you join Functional Lifestyles, you aren't just joining a gym. You're joining a community. At Functional Lifestyles, we believe happiness should equate to finding life's perfect balance. We're here to help you do that. 



I love this place. The coaches are amazing. This community is amazing and really helped me through the pandemic. They're focused on whole person care and well being. The one on one and the accountability aspect are incredible. I don't know if I would have gotten though 2020 without this place which did Covid safe working out but also check ups on everyone. Highly reccomend this place to anyone, any skill level, any age.

Annie T

April 2021 - East Palo Alto

All the coaches are not only educated regarding exercises and how to make them personalized to your body, but they also give you guidance regarding your nutrition as well. They don't use a formula for their success, thus they customize everything to work with your body and habits.They don't have one coach who is good and you should work with, ALL OF THEM ARE AMAZING! I've been working with Michael, Glen, Bianca, and Corey and every single one of them are my favorites.

Zahra A

April 2021

Coaches are phenomenal. They help you in every way they can. 
You get a very personalized approach to your level.
You can get a one on one with anyone at anytime you want.

Sai K

November 2020 - San Francisco

I had a great experience working out at FL for over a year.  I went from having chronic lower back pain to feeling great with no pain.  More importantly I learned a lot of exercises that I can continue to practice on my own. Highly recommended. Great coaches and programming.

John B

April 2021 - San Jose

I've been at FL for 3 yrs. 
...I can be rest assured my money is going directly towards improving my fitness. 
Things I no longer have to worry about: parking, programming workouts, using improper form/technique, diet planning, finding time to workout, or finding someone to push me. 
What's interesting is how well the coaches are able to tailor the workouts to any fitness levels - allowing me to push myself just as much as someone else.


Toby B

Jan 2021 - San Francisco

There's a wide range of bs out there. The coaches here know what they're talking about.
I started FL with, shoulder injury, minimal mobility and knowledge about proper movement. Fast forward a year - I am stronger and more mobile than ever.


Jason N

Jan 2020 - San Francisco

Want to get serious about your physical well being? Care more about consistency and longevity than immediate results? Want to feel better than you ever have? 
If so, then Functional Lifestyles is the place for you. I walked in over 6 months ago, hopeful and skeptical.What I've experienced since has exceeded any hopes or expectations I had.I'm stronger, more flexible, more energetic, and more enthused about fitness than I ever have been.I love the gym, the coaches, the program, and most importantly, the community. Consider me a fan!

Kvon T

Jan 2020 - San Francisco

I highly recommend this gym to anyone looking for a community! 
This is the first gym I've joined where I've felt the class size is right, the Coaches are all knowledgeable and care about each member. The whole gym feels like a community, for folks who are new or those who have busy schedules and can't make it in often.
The work outs are hard but I feel like I'm constantly being motivated and want to make progress. I also love that they focus on making sure members are doing any complex movements right, ensure people aren't injuring themselves. 


Olga V

Jan 2020 - San Mateo

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