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The Most Neglected body part to train

What’s always with you, always behind you, always tries to support you ...but you rarely see? You guessed it. Your back!!! Through Cycle 32: Summer Kickoff, every Tuesday we will focus on strengthening your back, abs and get conditioning. Functional Lifestyles semi-private training focuses in working every muscle for a full body workout throughout the week. Did you know that the back is one of the most neglected parts of the body? Even though the human back has a total of 40 muscles that come in 20 muscle pairs. (Check out the image of Corey above to see the variety of muscles that makeup the back) Yup, it's true. Due to the lack of visibility we have to it, the back is one of the most neglected parts of the body to workout. Yet, with our sedentary lifestyles, (jobs that include a lot of sitting, driving around town, bingewatching etc), our back muscles need extra care and focus. Neglected back muscles lead to atrophy, fat accumulation and back pain. As your back grows stiff and fatigues you will inevitably suffer back pain that may limit your range of motion and movement and provide less stability for your spine.

What Strengthening the Back Does For You: Leads to better posture Helps You lift heavier weight Balances out sitting for long periods of time Enhances Your Physique Helps protect you from back pain and injury Makes you look great on the beach

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