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So, this is why we're truly different...

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.- Albert Einstein

We all have habits.

Some good and some, well we'll say, "less desirable".

Ok, let's get back on track...

Habits are often developed when we associate good or enjoyable feelings to them. It's kinda' like activating a "rewards" system in the brain triggering a chemical called dopamine. Simply put, dopamine is a neurotransmitter related to pleasure.

For example:

You had a tough day at work? You "reward" yourself with sugary, processed foods.

Had a fight with your spouse? You "reward" yourself with an insane amount of alcohol.

Now, it's not the vice that's the issue.

It's when you continuously turn to your vices in times of crisis (yes, that rhymes ).

Not so ironically, their are parallels between psychological habits and physical ones.

Physical repetition: Sitting at your desk all day, doing the same workout everyday. etc.

Take pattern overload, for example. Pattern overload is consistently repeating the same pattern of motion which in turn places abnormal stresses on the body. Repetitive movements create dysfunction within the connective tissue of the body just as "less-desirable" habits do. The body treats the dysfunction as an injury and thus creates inflammation, muscle spasms occur and eventually if ignored, permanent structural changes in the soft tissue is formed.

Again, not so ironically, more parallels can be seen between psychological, physical and emotional repetition.

Emotional repetition: Always putting others before yourself or always putting yourself before others, surrounding yourself with needy or toxic people, etc.

Ok, so why am I telling you all of this?

To show you that health and fitness goes much deeper than working out a few times a week or following a particular type of diet. It's a lifestyle. Strength goes deeper than your musculature - it spans your emotional, mental and spiritual being.

THIS is why we're different.

Our coaching goes beyond a physical workouts. We work with you to get over those repetitive hurdles and those debilitating ruts. We've built a holistic program that incorporates nutrition counselling (creating healthy habits), off-day mobility programming (to increase your range of motion and flexibility), a supportive community environment that includes some friendly competition and of course our killer workout cycles that challenge you in the best way!

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