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HOW you eat could be affecting your weight loss goals

Hey FunLifers,

As you know, October is FL nutrition month!

Last week, we went over the importance of metabolic flexibility and how to make our bodies more efficient at burning fat in relation to blood sugar/insulin.

Today, we’ll dive deeper into the nutrition space and cover a rarely discussed but extremely vital component to your nutrition.

We’re going to talk about:

  • How to eat your food &

  • How much of a role this plays into digestion, blood sugar regulation and of course burning fat!

What you eat…matters.

How much you eat…matters.

When you eat…matters.

Where you eat…matters.


HOW you eat – MATTERS.

Let’s first open up the discussion with the order of how you make your plate and how you eat your plate.

I want you guys to think about 4 different macros:


Fibrous Carbs


Starchy Carbs

When building your plate add the following macros in this order:

  1. First - Add veggies

  2. Second - Add Protein (depends on type of protein)

  3. Third - Add fat

  4. And then finally, finish off your plate with your carbs of choice.

In regards to what we put in our mouth first – we should follow the same approach.

Eat the veggies, then the protein/fat and then the carbs.

The reason this order is beneficial is that you’re getting the fiber in first which will allow for some blood sugar regulation and the protein/fat will help with satiation and in slowing digestion down.

Then you can finish whatever you can with the carbs that are left.

I love this approach because it’s not telling you to eliminate carbs.

It’s just telling you to save them for the end. Think of your carbs kinda’ like dessert on your plate.

The majority of people are not getting enough veggies and protein in their diet so following this approach will help them prioritize these macros and simultaneously regulate blood sugar as well (BONUS POINTS!!).

Now, let’s discuss the second step which is “chewing”.

Remember that your gut doesn’t have teeth (at least I hope yours doesn’t).

And The first part of digestion is chewing.

So here is a good rule of thumb: DRINK YOUR FOOD

Drinking your food means taking time to sit down and really chew every single bite.

It allows the gut to be more efficient at digestion (IMPORTANT) and it will help with those who over eat. I personally guarantee that you will eat less when you take the time to really chew every single bite of food you put into your body. I know this through personal practice!

The first time I heard you should be taking 20-30 chews per bite, I felt like it was a little overboard. But just like any new habit, small baby steps in the right direction help create your path - so even becoming conscious and aware of it will make a huge difference.

Last thing I want to cover is the STATE that you are eating in. (I don’t mean California). I mean your mental, physical and emotional state.

The autonomic nervous system has 2 sides:

  1. Sympathetic (Flight or Flight)

  2. Parasympathetic (Rest & Digest),

If your body is stressed out and in a sympathetic state - your digestive system is not functioning optimally. It’s in the name - rest and DIGEST, if your body is not in a parasympathetic state, your body is not in its optimal state.

So, every time you sit down to eat (YES SIT DOWN!) take a couple minutes to slow your breathing down, say a prayer/meditation and/or time to connect with intent before you eat. It’s amazing how disconnected we’ve become from the essential things in our lives – such as eating!

Taking this time enables your body to calm down and help with how efficiently your body will digest those nutrients you are feeding it.

Food is more than just calories and fuel - it is the material that makes up every single cell in your body. SO YES, be aware of what you are putting in your system but also be grateful that you have food on your plate every day.

Remember it’s not only about what you eat - it’s about what you can absorb.

Pay attention to the HOW and you will notice the immediate changes in your digestive system.

-Functional Lifestyles

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