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Hey FunLifers,

For our Functional Focus on Instagram this week, we’ll be getting into stress management, mindset and how they’re interconnected.

So today, I want to talk about a topic that relates to your mindset - social media. Think about your morning routine, for a second. You wake up. You reach for your phone. You click the little pink or blue icon and BOOM – you’re connected to thousands of people, instantaneously. Social media is keeping us more connected than ever, right? Err, think again. While it may seem that we’re more connected than ever, social media is DISconnecting us from some of the most important facets of our lives; family, work, health, outdoor air (lol).

The average American in 2020 is reported to spend an average of 2.5 hours on social media...EVERY DAY!!! 

Let’s do the math. 2.5 hrs x 7 days = 17.5 hr EVERY WEEK 17.5 x 52 weeks = 910 hrs A YEAR 910hrs / 24hrs= 37.9 TOTAL DAYS

What does this mean? The average American is using social media for a complete total of one month and a week!!

“But social media IS connecting us to the world,” you say? We’re getting little snapshots into the everyday lives of people – the places they go, the events they’re celebrating…the milestones in their life. 

Well, yea that’s true. I can’t argue that it’s pretty cool to get highlight reels on a global scale. It’s one of the of the coolest things about living in 2020.


Are those 2.5 hrs/day taking you away from spending time with those close to you?

Are those 2.5 hrs/day taking you away from doing something to improve your health? Most people say that “time” is the main reason they can’t workout. (Cough* uh, Bullshit. LOL) 

Are those 2.5 hrs/day taking you away from something you could be doing to better your future for you and your family?

When you’re in out-and-about, have you ever noticed people who are on dates with each other, but they look more like they’re on a date with their phones? 

When you’re at gym, have you ever noticed how many people are scrolling through IG on their breaks between sets?

THIS is why we are more disconnected than ever. We are connecting with social media but we are disconnecting with the moment we are in! 

Today, I want to extend a challenge to you. I challenge everyone to take some time in their day to:

Engage in deep, meaningful conversations with significant others, family, roommates and friends when you’re with them. Don’t engage with your phone. 

Enjoy the outdoors, the environment and the beautiful world that we live in. Don’t just enjoy the latest TikTok video. (...and are they reallythatenjoyable though? lol.)

Embrace projects that better yourself and those around you. Don’t just embrace the screen that little phone screen.


Yea, you may miss out on the next viral sensation...but you won't miss out on THIS MOMENT. THIS LIFE. I promise you.

Life is beautiful if you choose to live it. Don't waste your time behind a screen looking at everyone's highlight reel. This only creates disconnection from reality and time that you could be spending on yourself and those around you :)

-Functional Lifestyles 

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